The spectacular beauty of Kerala's backwaters need no introduction as cruising through these scenic locations in majestic houseboats has always been a royal and splendid experience. Spending a full-day on such boats for business or conferences, enjoying the fascinating beauty of the Kerala backwaters is always a new and refreshing experience to the corporate leaders.
When people all over the world are exploring new destinations or spending holidays on a leisurely cruise on houseboats, a multi-deck boat allows executives to enjoy the scenic backwaters along in a business conference on conference boats. We from Coco Houseboats have arranged over 100 conferences for big corporate like ICICI Bank, SBT, Federal Bank and Asian Paints, all of were abroad double-deck houseboats with all facilities including air-conditioning.
The conference hall for all occasions is well furnished and equipped with state-of-art gadgets. Kerala Houseboats reserved for this purpose possess all modern amenities like audio-visual presentation, public address system, close circuit TV, video conference, internet, intercom and modern lighting
These Houseboats were also equipped to offer clean international standard cuisine with ethnic Kerala specialties along with other food and beverages. Safety and protection mechanisms like fire extinguishers, fire pump and life rafts are available on the houseboat with skilled and experienced lifeguards on the boat manning life saving equipments. Doctors are posted on call to attend to emergencies immediately.
Instead of using bamboo mats and coconut fibre ropes, bamboo mats and coir carpets is used to cover the boat which allowed tourists to enjoy the scenic backwater along the palm-fringed waterways of Kerala in the comfort of the bedrooms.
A 2800 KW generator is used to power the boat for a/c and a bio-septic tank - tested and certified by the Central Research Laboratory (CRL), is fitted to collect the effluents thereby avoiding pollution to the backwaters.
Kerala is internationally known for its backwaters – and if you think of this as stagnant ponds, u will need to reframe this opinion. When ‘Kerala Backwaters’ is quoted it refers to a beautiful, palm-fringed network of canals, lakes and lagoons linking inland towns along the Arabian Sea. These waterways are still used today to ferry cargo of spices, fish and newspapers,
The pride of the backwater however is the fleet of old rice-barges, or Kettuvallams. Built from jackfruit logs lashed firmly together with coconut fibre and copper nails, they have been modified into one, two or even three-four bedroom water-palaces to provide aristocratic accommodation to the visiting tourists.
Boarding for Tourists can be arranged from Kollam / Alappuzha (Alleppey) / Kochi (Cochin) or any other backwater dock. You can and spend a day or day’s cruising to your chosen destination, pausing to take breaks or a brief lookout at local sites. Just as a relaxing holiday, a honeymoon or simply an pleasure trip it relaxes your mind and muscles and provides for easy relieving of tension encountered in daily life.
The Services and Utilities Offered by Coco Houseboats Kerala are far Superior compared to other Houseboats.
Arriving at / boarding into a Houseboat in itself lets you to relax. The sceneries that catch your eye comprise of the rich aquatic life, water-lilies, palm groves, coconut plantations and the colorful Keralites life followed during their day to day activities. Amongst these, the excellent cuisine whipped up on board from ingredients purchased en route captures your taste buds and relaxes the entire body due to hygienic food habits followed onboard. Thereby the silent scenic nights rocks you to sleep. The mornings are usually woken up through birdcalls.
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