‘Punting’ means to manually glide or propel a boat through the glistening waters by using a bamboo pole. This was the procedure observed ancient times and still followed in places where the water is too shallow and gliding over such territories is impossible. Alternatively ‘punting’ gives the traveler a relaxed and refreshed feeling when traveling through the scintillating waters.

Beginning the Journey via the slow moving Kettuvallam / Houseboats in these territories through the serene backwaters amidst flanked greenery provides the tourist with an enchanting experience of the Kerala waterfront. Choosing to take a boat ride within these memorable backwaters on a country craft (where punting is used) or Kettuvallam / Houseboats is one of the choicest decisions that you can make during a lifetime. Our guests get to explore the unusual landscapes of Kerala through the intricate maze of canals which conjure up a surreal existence devoid of time sense.
The swift movement of the punts, dropping down and then slowly rising skyward, glistening in the day's brilliant light is a methodological procedure followed throughout the journey. This hypnotic poling process propels you and your is a floating home farther into the sublime world of the Kerala Backwaters.
During early times Kerala boats carried goods by punting and these people who entered the industry remained as crew on the houseboats, but nowadays people with punting skills are difficult to find, and, hence the need for them grew within the Industry.
Today one has to book one month in Advance for reservation of such boats.
A recommended cruise would be for a minimum of 2-3 nights to derive full benefits of the reserved trip.
Situated between the vast network of palm-fringed rivers, lakes and lagoons in southwest India rests the island of Kerala bordered by the Arabian Sea shore. The Sea shore covers almost 1,200 miles of the shoreline. Unlike the exposed coastline, these backwaters were left unscathed by the recent tsunami. Kerala's coast survives calamities at a bare minimum compared to India's east coast, which faces the wrath of the Indian Ocean head on. However, due to headlines of the recent tsunami in Indonesia, Kerala, an acclaimed tourist destination for travelers in India, is to date suffering from lack of tourists.
With two "punters" a driver and a superb cook on board, your task is to simply sink into the comfy confines of the boat and let the traditional rural Keralites life style pass you by. You can glimpse the vibrantly clothed women wandering waist-deep in verdant rice paddies, while others seemingly dance beneath the palms in the midst during their washing at the water's edge. When strolling during the night you can see elderly fisherman's canoe silently streaming past in the moonlight is a wonderfully surreal experience.
These rice boats made from jack wood during ancient times were used for transportation of tons of rice and spices through the myriad sites in the Kerala backwaters. Today most all of these rice boats have now been converted into exotic Kettuvallams to cater to the ever rising demands of Tourism in these Backwaters. During the ancient days braided palm leaves, aracanut trees and coconut-husk mats marvelously coalesce to form the unique living quarters accommodating cozy bedrooms and modern day toilets. Today Houseboats in Kerala are being well equipped with a superb living style to best accommodate the tourists during their vacation stay in this exquisite ‘Gods Own Country’
A houseboat during ancient times was a wooden long boat that had rooms for sleeping as well as a kitchen with an area to sit while a man rows the boat using a long pole. During the trip the boatman can float by many villages and watch fishermen doing fishing, some stooped along side the river during this process. You also can venture to follow the same routine as also take a look around, see water snakes snacking on fish, local people shopping (both selling and purchasing) vide boats etc.,. The sunset is naturally brilliant and appears to set neatly amidst the palm trees along the shore. During this perfect time you can watch the proceedings around, watch sunset or even play card games enjoying the same with local backwater people
The lighting within the boat is well set to match the environment during the trip across scenic locations. In some Kettuvallams / Houseboats, power is supplied by discreet solar panels hidden in the roof. In shallow waters the boat which is almost 50 feet long, is propelled from the bow and stern by the boatmen using the punting poles. This is a process which is followed as a routine as these boats require a depth of at least above 10 ft for the motor to function effectively (an outboard motor is sometimes used in deep waters on longer cruises).
Kerala's backwaters also receive the most incredible and heavy rains (monsoon - June & July) along with strong winds, lightning storms that you may have ever experienced. This utter excitement lingers in your mind reminding you that nature's fury isn’t always devastating and deadly. Sometimes it can be pure magic and is exquisite.
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